Smart Receptionist


Higher Capacity
at a Lower Cost

Tired of incurring fixed overheads, especially during low seasons? The Smart Receptionist offers a much higher front desk capacity at a lower cost, saving you at least 35% on operational expenses.

24/7 Service,
All Year Round

  • A self-check-in kiosk with a built-in front desk system that works 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Guests can chat with hotel staff directly using their preferred messaging app by scanning a QR code (optional service).


What is Smart Receptionist?

Self-Service is the New Customer Service

  • Self-service kiosks are now synonymous with superior customer service. Impress your guests with the convenience and efficiency of self-check-ins and check-outs.
  • It comes with cloud-based PMS and is available as a cashless or hybrid kiosk that accepts both cash and cashless payment methods.


Why Hoteliers Love the Smart Receptionist

Lower Deposit

Instead of the typical 5-figure deposit required by other vendors, Blend Inn charges a minimal deposit equivalent to 2 months’ rental.

No Hidden Fees

Our monthly fee is based on the kind of kiosk you opt for (cashless vs hybrid) as well as the specific features required. For more pricing information, let’s talk!

Easy Plug and Play Setup

All you need is a small space, a plug point, and an internet connection. No refurbishment needed.

Local Team Support

Blend Inn team is stationed in KL & Penang, Malaysia. Whether you need assistance with our Smart Receptionist or Seamless Housekeeping, we are always ready to provide hands-on support.


How Smart Receptionist,
the Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk Works

Liberate your guests by putting them in control. Giving them the choice between checking in on their own or at the front desk offers them the best of both worlds.

Multi-Source Bookings

Self-check-in for OTA bookings, direct bookings, and walk-in guests. The kiosk also has a built-in door lock system to issue key cards.

Passport & ID Scanner

The guest’s ID will be scanned to identify the right tax requirement and capture their information, which will be imported to the built-in PMS.

Payment Terminal

We offer cashless and hybrid (cash + cashless) kiosks for easy and secure payments upon check-in.

Cloud-Based PMS

The kiosk’s cloud-based PMS provides up-to-the-minute updates on reservations, daily revenue, and room status, accessible wherever you are.

What better way to end your guest’s stay than with an equally efficient and speedy check-out? Our hybrid kiosks offer the following features for added convenience.

Deposit Refund

Upon checking out, the guest will receive their deposit refund in cash within seconds.

Cash Storage & Dispenser

The kiosk can hold up to 500 banknotes from payments and all Ringgit Malaysia banknotes are accepted. Dispense up to 750 banknotes for refunds.

Late Check-out

Guests will be automatically charged a late check-out fee if they vacate their room after the required check-out time.

Efficient Communication

All messages will be integrated into a single inbox regardless of the messaging app used, for easy access by your hotel staff. This saves time and avoids miscommunication, improving your overall efficiency.

Instant Messaging

Now your guests can quickly make enquiries or requests using their preferred app, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, IG, Telegram, Gmail, Email (SMTP), Line, and WeChat.

Exceptional Customer Experience.
Smarter. More Efficient. Higher Profits.
Are you ready to experience the ‘Blend Inn’ effect?

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