The Basics

Blend Inn provides smart solutions that help boutique hotels operate more efficiently while reducing costs and boosting customer satisfaction. Our advanced tech solutions are designed to blend in with your hotel, empowering you to achieve more with less! 

We offer the following solutions:

  • Smart Receptionist
  • Seamless Housekeeping
  • Dynamic Duo

Smart Receptionist is a self-service kiosk customised for the Malaysian market and local tax requirements. It automates front desk operations such as check ins, payments, check outs, and more. 

The Smart Receptionist solution comes with a built-in cloud-based PMS and is available as a cashless kiosk or a hybrid kiosk that accepts both cash and cashless payment methods. 

As a bonus, we also offer an instant guest messaging system to complement the Smart Receptionist. This allows your hotel guests to chat directly with hotel staff using the messaging app of their choice by scanning a QR code. All messages will be integrated into a single inbox that your hotel staff can access with a single login on any device.

Seamless Housekeeping is an on-demand housekeeping service provided by Blend Inn, with an integrated management system (Housekeeping Management System, aka HMS) that syncs with your hotel PMS. 

With Seamless Housekeeping, you pay only for the number of rooms cleaned based on your actual occupancy. The HMS enables seamless tracking, quality control, efficient coordination with Blend Inn’s housekeepers, and more.

Additional hotel cleaning services, such as public area cleaning, are available on request.

The HMS is Blend Inn’s cloud-based management platform that allows seamless communication and coordination between the hotel front desk and Blend Inn’s housekeepers to track, do quality control, and document all cleaning tasks. 

Blend Inn’s HMS will be synced with your hotel PMS to capture your latest booking information so we can schedule the required housekeepers 14 days in advance. This ensures smooth housekeeping operations during peak seasons.

Blend Inn’s Dynamic Duo solution combines the Smart Receptionist self-service kiosk with Seamless Housekeeping, our on-demand housekeeping service, for a complete smart solutions package. 

You’ll also have a dedicated account manager providing hands-on support at all times. We’ll simplify your hotel operations, boost your efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

No, Blend Inn isn’t limited to boutique hotels. Our solution also caters to homestay properties. For Seamless Housekeeping, we also cater to any business that requires daily or weekly housekeeping services.

How Blend Inn Works with Your Hotel

Not at all. We are just complementing your current operations team by simplifying your processes. Automating up to 65% of your daily tasks will not only reduce operational costs but also improve efficiency and communications, greatly enhancing your guests’ hotel experience.

Absolutely. Blend Inn’s HMS is designed to sync with commonly used PMS platforms. If your PMS is not on our list, our system can still import iCal links from any PMS system or online booking channel, so integration won’t be a problem. Get in touch for more information.

Though our solutions are specifically designed for simple implementation, our dedicated account manager will be available to assist you throughout the entire process, from the initial process mapping to account set-up to data configuration to on-site training. You can be assured of hands-on support at every step of the way, as it is our goal to ensure an exceptional experience for all our customers.

Of course! Just book a demo and we’ll arrange for a 45-minute personalised demonstration via video call to show you what Blend Inn can do for your hotel. 

How Will Blend Inn Help Your Hotel?

Blend Inn’s solutions are designed to deliver long-term results of reduced personnel cost, enhanced productivity and efficiency, decreased human errors, much smoother daily operations, and most importantly, greatly improved customer satisfaction and higher occupancy rates.

If you have any feedback regarding our housekeepers’ cleaning standards or performance, please do not hesitate to share it with your Account Manager. In addition to reviewing our housekeepers’ work quality on each assignment, we are continuously refining and improving our cleaning techniques and processes. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Our pricing for each solution varies based on your specific requirements and needs. Please contact us for a quote.

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