Hotel Housekeeping


Benefits of blending Hotel Housekeeping
with your hotel operation

  • Eliminate unnecessary costs: On-demand housekeepers provided by Blend Inn for a 2-year service period, billed based on number of rooms cleaned.


  • Enhance cleaning efficiency & quality: Our service includes Housekeeping Management System (HMS) for monitoring cleaning progress. Minimise human errors while boosting quality standards.


With Blend Inn Hotel Housekeeping, you will get:

Housekeepers & Housekeeping Management System (HMS)

Housekeeping training according to hotel standard

Fixed fees for a 2-year service period, regardless of occasions

Housekeepers are supervised by Blend Inn Manager

Communicate with housekeepers through Housekeeping Management System (HMS)

Daily coordination support from task assignment to checks


Functions of Blend Inn Hotel Housekeeping

How Blend Inn Hotel Housekeeping Works?


How Housekeeping Management System (HMS) supports daily housekeeping

Cleaning tasks are assigned to Blend Inn hotel housekeepers based on room check-outs, with fees charged according to the number of rooms cleaned.

Blend Inn hotel housekeepers document real-time photos of cleaned rooms on HMS, ensuring cleanliness standards.

Streamlined communication is facilitated on a single platform among your hotel staff, Blend Inn hotel housekeepers, and team members.

Blend Inn hotel housekeepers are booked 14 days in advance based on confirmed reservations. Our HMS syncs with your hotel front desk system for smooth operations during peak seasons.

Access daily cleaning and management reports within HMS.


We’ll sync our HMS with your hotel front desk system

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Using a different hotel front desk system from those above? No worries!

There are 2 methods:

  1. iCal links from online booking channel such as Airbnb, Expedia, Booking.com, Traveloka, Trip.com, and more.
  2. Manual updates by Blend Inn team while we speak with your hotel front desk system partner for the API integration
Blend Inn Seamless Housekeeping Integration

Improve efficiency,
reduce overheads

Sparkling clean rooms is crucial for positive reviews and high occupancy rates. Blend Inn Hotel Housekeeping allows you to enhance efficiency while minimising housekeeping overheads.

Get more value for
your money

  • Reduce housekeeping costs with our demand-based service model.
  • Experience seamless coordination, tracking, and reporting through our Housekeeping Management System (HMS).
  • Additional hotel cleaning services are available on request.

Switch to on-demand hotel housekeeping,
customised for Malaysian hotels.