Hotel Kiosk + Housekeeping


Benefits of blending Hotel Self-Service Kiosk &
Housekeeping with your hotel operation

  • Proven result: Automate up to 60% of daily tasks, reducing human errors by as much as 70%
  • One platform: Connect front desk operations seamlessly with room housekeeping — in alignment, not in silos.
  • Expenses reduction: reduce operational costs while boosting overall efficiency.


Who benefits from Blend Inn services?

Hotel Owner

With Blend Inn Self-Service Kiosk & Hotel Housekeeping, hotel owners can cut labor costs, reduce staff dependency on daily tasks, and boost overall productivity, leading to increased hotel profits.

Hotel Guests

Put guests in control of their stay, from room booking to seamless self-check-in and self-check-out. Our housekeeping service ensures rooms are consistently ready on time, eliminating guests’ wait for their rooms.

Hotel Manager

Free up time on job allocation, HR issues, and enhance guest satisfaction. Managers can now concentrate on improving room revenue and occupancy while enhancing the quality of guests’ stays.

Front Office

No need to be tethered to the front desk waiting for guest check-ins/check-outs. Front desk staff can work behind the scenes, managing bookings and payment for accuracy, while our kiosk efficiently handles guest hosting.


How Blend Inn Hotel Self-Check-In Kiosk &
Hotel Housekeeping work?

Hotel Self-Service Kiosk

Self-Check-In: Guests can book, check in by keying in reservation number, and pay with a few taps.

Self-Check-Out: Easy keycard return to deposit refund (available with hybrid option) for a contact-free experience.

Remote Data Access: Night audits, daily revenue, and reservation logs can be accessed via cloud-based front desk system

Hotel Housekeeping

Cleaning Notification: After guest checks out, Blend Inn will update room status in Housekeeping Management System (HMS) and assigned housekeepers will be notified to start cleaning.

Checklist & Requirements: Housekeepers follow approved checklists for efficient room cleaning.

Room Inspection: Blend Inn Manager review in-app photos of cleaned rooms and leave remarks for hotel staff for room release the room or maintenance.

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