Should hotels outsource their housekeeping services?

“With outsourced housekeeping, labour expenses can be reduced as fewer staffs are needed during low demand, and hoteliers do not need to pay the wages of extra employees.”

When you’re running a hotel, there’s no one more important than the housekeepers. They’re the one who keep your rooms clean and keep your guests satisfied—and they’re also the one who can make or break your bottom line.

Hotels have always struggled with getting their housekeeping departments more efficient. As a labor-intensive task, hotels risk being overstaffed during low demand and short-staffed during high demand —making the control of an effective and productive manpower a challenge. This is why use of outsourced housekeeping service is gaining popularity across hotels.


Introducing Seamless Housekeeping – the outsourced housekeeping for your hotel

Outsourced Housekeeping in hotels means – getting your housekeeping team from a third-party or external company rather than hiring them directly under your hotel.  Unlike the cleaning service company, Blend Inn’s Seamless Housekeeping will provide full training to the housekeepers in order to fulfil each hotel cleaning protocol yet the work status and quality can be viewed in the Housekeeping System.


What are the benefits of Seamless Housekeeping?
  1. Eliminate unnecessary costs

Saving money is No.1 reason most hoteliers would consider Seamless Housekeeping. There are two fee metrics in the market which are charge by hour or pay per room. With pay per room, hotels are seeing an average saving up to 25% and also productivity improves.

Seamless Housekeeping offers flexibility to hotels, guaranteeing that hoteliers will only pay for rooms cleaned regardless of occupancy – effectively turning fixed costs into variable ones.


  1. High levels of concentrated expertise & better quality

Our housekeepers  are professionally trained in the hotel cleaning niche. Hoteliers need not to invest time to provide training to the newly employed housekeepers.


  1. Communicate, organise, and supervise – all in one platform

Housekeeping Management System (HMS) is a system that tracks the room cleaning status, quality, inventory and also issues such as maintenance, lost & found. We will analyse the resources needed and work quality in HMS. These analytics can help to minimise errors and reduce operational cost, saving both time and money, yet identify areas for improvement.

By supplying full funnel housekeeping service, Seamless Housekeeping provides housekeepers and Housekeeping Management System to streamline housekeeping tasks. Our HMS will be synced with hotel front desk system via API or iCal to capture the room status and begin room cleaning once guests have checked out.                                              


  1. Housekeepers are allocated 14 days in advance according to occupancy

Keeping your hotel clean and running smoothly can be a big task, especially during peak seasons. Seamless Housekeeping means more resources. We will allocate sufficient housekeepers according to your hotel occupancy, so the assigned cleaning tasks can be completed quickly.

Our HMS Smart Scheduling can help hoteliers to forecast resources needed and housekeeper schedules 14 days in advance in order to cope with the peak seasons and avoid delays in room readiness.


  1. Risk-sharing

Risk-sharing is another benefit of Seamless Housekeeping services. When you outsource the housekeeping, you don’t have to worry about bearing the overhead costs.


  1. Spending more time on core business

When hoteliers don’t have to worry about maintaining rooms and employing staffs for housekeeping, they can spend more time on growing the business.


  1. Technology

Automation has stepped in everywhere in the hotel industry – whether it is a Smart Receptionist self-check-in kiosk, a keyless entry etc. Hoteliers can now concentrate on upgrading hotel technologies and gain access to industry-first innovations when housekeeping operations are outsourced.


How to implement Seamless Housekeeping into my current hotel operation?

It’s simple!  With just 4 steps, from system setup to onboarding. You can be assured of hands-on support at every step of the way!


The takeaway: Find the right balance

Hoteliers can evaluate the right balance between Seamless Housekeeping VS investing in overhead. This is a key contributor to the hotel’s profitability. If it is done right, outsourcing housekeeping activities can lend a long-lasting impetus to the hotel’s reputation and success.

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