Dynamic Duo


What is the Dynamic Duo?

Smart & Seamless Operations
for Boutique Hotels in Malaysia

Dynamic Duo solution combines :

  • Smart Receptionist self-service kiosk to automate your front desk operations,
  • Seamless Housekeeping, on-demand housekeeping service, and
  • Visibly reduce operational costs while boosting overall efficiency.


Why Hoteliers Love the Dynamic Duo

Proven Results

From automating up to 65% of daily tasks to reducing as much as 70% of human errors, the Dynamic Duo truly empowers smart operations for dynamic hotel teams.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager providing hands-on support and coordinating between the housekeeping and technical teams.


Why Hotel Guests Love the Dynamic Duo

Sleek & User-Friendly Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service technology empowers your guests by putting them in control of the check-in and check-out process. It’s quick, secure, eliminates human errors, AND it’s super cool.

Punctual Availability of Rooms

No more impatient guests waiting around for their rooms. Our on-demand housekeeping service ensures rooms will always be ready on time.


How the Dynamic Duo Works

Smart Receptionist

Self-Check-In: From making a walk-in booking to checking in and paying for a confirmed reservation, your hotel guests can do it all in a few taps.

Instant Guest Messaging: Take your customer service to the next level by allowing your guests to message you via their favourite messaging app such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc.

Remote Access to Data: Night audits, daily revenue, and reservation logs can all be accessed remotely via the built-in PMS.

Seamless Housekeeping

Automated Notifications: Once your hotel guest checks out, the room status will be updated in the Housekeeping Management System (HMS), which will notify the assigned housekeepers to start cleaning.

Checklist & Guest Requirements: The housekeepers will have access to the approved checklist and specific guest requirements on the HMS.

Inventory Updates & Issues: After cleaning, the housekeeper will capture in-app photos of the cleaned room, document inventory updates, maintenance needs, and lost & found items on the HMS.

Room Inspections: The Blend Inn Inspection Manager will review the in-app photos of cleaned rooms and leave remarks for the hotel staff to either release the room for the next guest or arrange for a technician if needed.

Scale Your Hotel Operations with Our Dynamic Duo of
Smart Receptionist & Seamless Housekeeping

We’ll show you how.

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