5 Common Myths of Hotel Housekeeping Outsourcing: What Hoteliers Need to Know

“Outsourced housekeeping costs may not always be lowest, especially in peak seasons. However, averaging the costs over 12 months often shows it’s more lower in cost compared to maintaining a group of permanent housekeepers.  This comparison should also consider factors such as benefits and leaves provided to permanent staff.

Outsourcing hotel housekeeping services has become a common practice in the hospitality industry, offering numerous benefits to hoteliers. However, misconceptions often surround this practice, creating doubts among hotel owners and managers.

In this blog, we debunk 5 common myths about outsourced hotel housekeeping in Malaysia and explore the truth behind them.


Myth #1: Outsourcing always leads to lower costs (every month)

  • Reality: Outsourced hotel housekeeping may not always be the cheapest option, especially in peak season. However, when averaging the costs over 12 months, it often reveals that the outsourced housekeeping option is indeed lower in cost compared to maintaining a group of permanent housekeepers. This comparison should also consider factors such as benefits and leaves provided to permanent staff.


Myth #2: Outsourcing means loss of control over operations

  • Reality: Outsourcing can actually provide greater control over operations, as it allows hoteliers to focus on the revenue & business growth while leaving specialized tasks, such as housekeeping, to external experts. Proper communication and coordination with the outsourcing provider can ensure that the hotel’s standards and requirements are met.


Myth #3: Outsourcing results in lower service quality

  • Reality: Outsourcing can actually result in higher service quality, as it allows hotels to tap into the expertise and experience of specialized service providers. Professional outsourcing companies often have trained and skilled housekeepers who can provide efficient and high-quality services.


Myth #4: Outsourcing leads to loss of jobs for in-house staff

  • Reality: While concerns about job security for in-house staff are valid, outsourcing doesn’t necessarily result in job losses. Instead, it can create opportunities for staff upskilling, redeployment in other areas, or focusing on guest-centric roles.


Myth #5: Outsourcing is only suitable for large hotels

  • Reality: Outsourcing can be beneficial for hotels of all sizes, from small boutique hotels to large resorts. The key is to choose the right outsourcing provider that understands the unique needs and requirements of the hotel, regardless of its size.


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